What is Cervical and How it affect your whole bodyWhat is Cervical and How it affect your whole body

Commonly, as we all know cervical problems occur nowadays in day to day life in every other person due to their lifestyle i.e, their working pattern , sleeping pattern . etc. Cervical problems are nothing but just the problem in the cervical segments i.e, pain, stiffness or restrictions of movements of the neck which is also called cervical. The cervical segment is present from below the head to the above shoulder any problem in the cervical segment or neck can lead to problems in the head also. Best Chiropractor Delhi can help you to cure it.

Example:: Headache , stiffness and heaviness in the head. 


  • lifestyle includes using your phone by bending the neck downwards . 
  •  Bad Sleeping Posture :- as sleeping with one side of the body either left or right , which can cause tightness of neck muscles in that side. 
  • Working Pattern:- Working in front of a computer in sitting posture leads to tightness of anterior neck muscles.
  • Folding Side Back on one shoulder for long time
  • Lack of water intake can lead to dehydration of muscles.

Mechanism of Cervical Problems

In normal cervical segments the anterior neck muscles should be relaxed and the posterior neck muscles should be strong.This will keep the cervical segment in erect position but if there is tightness of anterior neck muscles particularly one side of neck. The Cervical vertebrae will rotate interiorly to that side and posteriorly to the other side. This will lead to blockage of vertebral arteries i.e, blood supplying blood vessels to the brain.

  •  There will be headache, dizziness , heaviness of head results.
  • The pull or weakening of posterior neck muscles and tightening over the anterior neck muscles will lead to pain in the posterior neck muscles with movement . 
  • The problem in the neck can also lead to pain in the arm or hand .
  • This will lead to tightness of the cervical segment to that particular side and rotation of vertebrae occurs to the opposite side of the neck.
  • So, keep a check on your shoes and feet.
  • Wear proper arch fit shoes and maintain your normal cervical curve.
  • Best Chiropractor in Delhi can help you to maintain it.


  • To maintain good body posture at work, the chair should be at the level of the table and your neck and straight foot rest should be present .
  • There is also a neck corrector pillow which you can place under your cervical segment or neck to maintain your normal curve of the cervical spine .
  • You can also use a rolled towel under your neck to maintain the normal curve of the cervical spine.
  • The alignment of the foot also determines the alignment of every body segment, So as the alignment of the cervical segment.
  • Example:- If your foot goes inwards while walking, it can lead to knock knees i.e, inward movement of your knees.
  • Inward movement of the knee can lead to High Hip muscle(posterior side) which can cause tightness of the particular muscle called OC due to which there will be shortening of that part of the body which is mainly your dominant side or acute side i.e, right or left.
  • So, as to compensate for the shorter length of that part , the shoulder will elevate on that side.
  • This will lead to the tightness of that cervical segment to that particular side and rotation of vertebra to the opposite side of the neck.
  • So, keep a check on your shoes and your feet

Do you ever think , how bad posture can affect your life ?

When you sleep mainly on one side of the neck , the next morning your neck can stay in one particular position for one or two days. Best Chiropractor Treatment in Delhi can help you to cure it.

Due to over tightness of one side of the neck muscle.

  • A patient came into our clinic with stiff neck and pain in neck movement.
  • After Chiropractic adjustment of the cervical segment and muscle release of the neck.
  • Cervical traction which increases the space between the vertebrae allows free space for the artery and nerves.
  • With neck or cervical mobilization , the C2-C3 segment of the cervical is mobilized anteriorly ( on the elevated side of the neck) to correct the cervical segment alignment. 

Did you know, other than the cervical segment , other body segments can also cause the stiffness of neck or pain in neck ?

  • As there is a whole fascia which is nothing but a taught band covering the whole body like a suit over the body.
  • If there is a tightness in the plantar surface i.e, fascia under the foot can also cause tightness in the fascia of the neck.
  • There is one muscle in the anterior neck {SCM} which contains tight bands.

Have you ever wondered which sleeping position is best for your neck ?

  • By sleeping on your back , normal curve in the neck should be maintained.
  • Not maintained in the normal position of the pillow.
  • Anterior neck muscles get tightened and posterior neck muscles get weak.
  • When we lie on our chest , the anterior neck muscles relax and posterior neck muscles get weak.
  • You can use the pillow in a longitudinal position so as to cover the head and half of the shoulder to maintain the normal curve of the cervical segment.
  • The rotation of the vertebral spine mainly in the cervical segment can lead to alteration of blood pressure i.e, high B.P or low B.P.
  • The main curve of the cervical neck persists at C2-C3 level.
  • So, if you want to make your brain more acute, take a look at your cervical on neck.
  • So, we can make your neck good and your brain best.

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