Wedding photography is all about capturing the special moments of one’s big day. However, the pre or post-wedding photoshoots are just as important as they help the couple to create beautiful memories that they can cherish for years to come. Choosing the right location for the photoshoot is crucial as it sets the tone for the entire shoot. From stunning natural backdrops to historical landmarks, there are countless options available.

In this blog, we will explore some of the best places for pre or post-wedding photoshoots that will leave you breathless and give ideas especially if you want wedding photography in Perth. So, let’s get started!

Capturing Memories That Last a Lifetime:

The Beauty of Pre and Post-Wedding Photoshoots

Pre and Post wedding photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular among couples as a way to capture the magic of their love story. These photoshoots are an opportunity for the couple to express their individuality and creativity, and to document their journey from being engaged to becoming married.

Pre-wedding photoshoots take place before the wedding day, typically a few months or weeks before the wedding. These photoshoots can take place in various locations from iconic landmarks to the couple’s favorite spots. Pre-wedding photoshoots are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and to capture the excitement and anticipation leading up to the big day.

Post-wedding photoshoots, on the other hand, take place after the wedding day. These photoshoots are a chance for the couple to relive their wedding day and capture any missed moments or details. Post-wedding photoshoots can also be an opportunity for the newlyweds to take some time to themselves after the whirlwind of the wedding day and spend some quality time together.

Pre- or postwedding photoshoots are the perfect way for couples to capture their love and excitement before their big day. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, have fun, and create memories that will last a lifetime. But when it comes to choosing the perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot, the options can be overwhelming.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best places for pre-wedding photoshoots that will make your photoshoot unforgettable.

  1. Gardens and Parks

Gardens and parks are classic locations for pre or post-wedding photoshoots. The lush greenery, colorful flowers, and serene settings make for a beautiful backdrop for your photos. You can choose from botanical gardens, public parks, or even private gardens. Some of the most popular gardens and parks for pre-wedding photoshoots include Pinnacles Nambung National Park, Hyde Park, Kings Park, and The Araluen Botanic Park. Etc


If you’re looking for a more relaxed and casual vibe for your pre- or post-wedding photoshoot, beaches are the perfect location. The sand, sea, and sky create a romantic and dreamy ambiance that’s perfect for capturing your love. You can choose from popular beaches like Cottesloe Beach or explore more secluded and hidden beaches for a more intimate setting.

  • Urban Landscapes

If you’re a city couple, urban landscapes are a great choice for your pre- or post-wedding photoshoot. The modern architecture, vibrant colors, and bustling streets make for a dynamic and energetic backdrop for your photos. You can choose from iconic landmarks like the UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA (UWA) or explore hidden gems and street art for a more unique and personalized touch.

  • Historic Landmarks

For couples who love history and culture, historic landmarks provide a rich and romantic setting for their pre- or post-wedding photoshoot. From grand mansions and castles to quaint villages and ruins, there are endless options to choose from. Some popular historic landmarks for pre-wedding photoshoots include the Fremantle, The Perth CBD, etc.

  • Countryside and Mountains

If you’re looking for a more rustic and natural setting for your pre- or post-wedding photoshoot, the countryside, and mountains offer breathtaking views and serene landscapes. Some popular countryside and mountain locations for pre-wedding photoshoots include the Swan Valley, York, or Lancelin Sand Dunes

Why Choose to Have a Pre or Post-Wedding Shoot?

Both pre-and post-wedding photoshoots offer a range of benefits for the couple.

Firstly, it allows them to express their style and creativity. The couple can choose a location or theme that represents their personalities and relationship. For example, if the couple loves the beach, they can choose to have their photoshoot on the beach wearing casual clothes or beach formal wear.

Similarly, if a couple loves autumn, they can opt to have their photoshoot at a park surrounded by colorful autumn leaves.

Secondly, pre-and post-wedding photoshoots allow the couple to build a rapport with their photographer. This is especially important because the photographer will be capturing some of the most intimate moments of the couple’s life. By having a pre or post-wedding photo shoot, the couple can get to know their photographer’s style and build a relationship of trust, which can make the wedding day photography experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Finally, pre and post-wedding photoshoots provide an opportunity for the couple to document their journey. These photoshoots serve as a visual record of the couple’s love story from their engagement to their wedding day and beyond. The couple can look back on these photos and reminisce about their journey as a couple.


No matter what location you choose for your pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure to have fun and enjoy the moment. These photos will be cherished memories for years to come, so make them count!

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