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Every modern business needs a website as a marketing tool. However, making a quality website is not possible without picking high-quality web hosting. A lot of companies choose WordPress to create and host a website. The best option is managed WordPress hosting. This article explains seven reasons why it is a wise decision to host your website on a managed WordPress host.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Definition

Hosting services store your website on a computer server that the public can access. Hence users from all over the world can access your website. In addition, it is unmanaged hosting if you handle security, backups, and maintenance.

However, when the service provider performs day-to-day tasks, it is managed by WordPress hosting. Providers ensure your server and network are secure. They do all the performance tasks and update everything.

7 Best Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting takes care of your WordPress software. Administration and day-to-day server tasks are not your responsibilities. Instead, you have all the time to focus on content creation.


Yes, life becomes easy when you go for managed WordPress hosting. However, with an unmanaged solution, life becomes difficult. The support team will even help you migrate when you decide to change the host.

Also, it suits beginners. It is because setting up unmanaged hosting is very difficult. If you do not have ample experience, you cannot set it up yourself. Instead, you may have to spend days or weeks learning it.

When you have managed WordPress hosting, all technical tasks are the headache of the provider. You can run multiple websites with different target audiences. Again, it is a provider’s headache to accommodate all.


Slow-running websites are a big no in the modern age. Even more than three seconds is not bearable for modern users. If it takes more time, users will switch to some other website. So you will lose the customers. Google will also not rank your website or even downgrade it if it is already ranked.

So, speed deserves your time as a web administrator. The speed should be high enough. To ensure its speed, you have to manage tons of things. The server configuration should be no less than perfect. Also, there has to be a caching solution. Finally, you have to pay attention to plugins, images, and even the website’s code.

Opt for managed WordPress hosting and relax. Your customers will always be able to access your website, as it will be up. Providers are responsible for this.


A team of experienced individuals will be there for you all the time if anything goes wrong. In addition, professionally managed WordPress hosting services provide a variety of support mediums. You can reach out to them whenever you want via email, phone, and chat.

The support level of unmanaged WordPress hosting is comparatively lower. Also, unmanaged WordPress hosting is less personalized. If the problems arise, you have to fix them yourself in most cases. Providers will give help in very few situations. Unmanaged hosting is not for you if you have no technical background.

Additional Services

The story does not end with support. Managed WordPress hosting providers have many additional services in their bucket to offer you. These services will help you run the website efficiently. Backups and critical software updates are some examples. Moreover, they maintain the file caching systems and handle the security issues. That also encompasses an extensive list of essential administrative tasks for functioning.

If you go for unmanaged WordPress hosting, you need a complete in-house team. That team will be spending a lot of time on simple yet essential tasks. Hence, you can save a lot of financial and human resources by going for managed WordPress hosting.

Better Security

Today, every website is always at the risk of being compromised. Hackers are always looking for new ways to get into your network. It will be the worst scenario if they access the private information of your customers. Also, once they get in, they can use your website as a launching point for further attacks. It is a full-time and demanding job to update your website and patch any security holes. Now it may surprise many people, but web hosting impacts website security.

Managed WordPress hosting is also great from the security point of view. The web host will develop and implement a complete security strategy. It is their duty to implement best security practices and monitor your network for threats. If someone still succeeds in breaking into the network, they have to handle the situation. They will remove the malware and restore the website to a recent backup.


Scalability is one of the main concerns for any business. Web hosting is no exception. Several websites have lower traffic all year long and suddenly receive heavy traffic at the end of the year. Only one viral blog post is enough for that. Huge spikes are often the result of holidays or sales events. If your hosting cannot scale to the requirement, the website will crash due to many requests.

You cannot handle such heavy traffic surges on your own. Managed hosts solve the problem. They have the power to respond to any traffic surge by providing more space when required. These services also automatically cache your popular pages and files. It helps reduce stress from your WordPress website.

Professional companies have trained staff and great infrastructure. It is no big deal for them to handle unexpected or expected surges in traffic.

Better Value for Money

Here is a common misconception. People think that managed WordPress hosting is too expensive in comparison with unmanaged hosting. It is not true. The difference is minor, and you get thousands of benefits. The price difference is low if you keep the advantages in mind. In other words, managed WordPress hosting helps you with revenue generation.

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