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Since it was first introduced, Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has started to gain more and more favor among casino patrons. Camel Cash Casino is one of the greatest applications for playing casino games for free because it allows users access to more than 40 slot machine games. The originality and appeal of this social casino game are further enhanced by Camel Cash’s USPs, Piggy Bank, and Cash Cards Album.

Along with these enjoyable elements, Camel Cash Casino also offers a variety of Mini Games. Users can raise their bets on the slot machines by playing these alluring Mini Games and earning extra coins. Additionally, playing the Mini Games is quite exciting and interesting. 

camel cash casino is the best casino game in terms of game design and graphics, the game has almost 45+ slot machines to play. additionally, mini-games in camel cash provide the best user gaming experience. here we discuss the best mini-games in this blog listed below-

Here are The Best Mini games in camel cash casino

Read on to find out more interesting mini-games in camel cash casino.

1- Lucky Disco Balls Mania

What grabs the player’s eye in this game are the two revolving disco lights on either side of the display. As the game’s name implies, the soundtrack to Lucky Disco Balls Mania has a disco vibe. Simply selecting “start” will reveal more information about it. Prize spheres and winning multipliers are two different sorts of disco balls. 

The prize balls, which are on the left side of the screen, display the coin count. The winning multipliers, however, are located on the right side of the smartphone. Players also draw the prize ball at the same time as drawing the winning multiplier. The value of the multiplier ball also multiplies the coins on the prize ball. In this way, you receive a certain number of coins. You can then submit a claim for your prize and get a sizable amount of coins as a result. 

If the multiplier ball has a value of 3, and the prize ball contains 200k coins, for instance, you will earn a total of 600000 coins.

2-Beer Mania Fortune

It’s also interesting to note that some barrels have pints of beer in them, while others only have coins. On the other hand, it is best to stay away from the chicken leg sections. But once you have three chicken leg pieces, the game is over. The lively music of Beer Mania Fortune adds to the enjoyment of playing it. 

You must pick from a selection of kegs on a shelf in the Beer Mania Fortune bonus game. Any pressure will result in the barrels breaking. Another way to get a lot of coins is to completely fill the glass tumbler in the middle of the screen. If the stars are on your side, you might be able to find the beer hiding beneath the casks and get a few pints. That glass tumbler’s volume will be calculated based on those pints.

3- Fun House Pinball

It is a typical pinball machine, with the difference that there are no balls offered as prizes. There are three ways that one can play pinball. You pull a trigger to start the pinball game. To get the most points possible, use the paddles to lift the ball into the air.

The coins you get from the outer ring will be more as a result of the inner ring. Keep the ball from touching the hazard region during any flip. The rotating wheel will spin faster if the speed option is chosen and circle anticlockwise if the reverse function is used. Fun House Pinball is one of the best mini-games.


In a nutshell, the unique features of Camel Cash Casino never cease to astound. Among the already extensive collection of top online slots with excellent graphics, the Mini Games are a breath of fresh air. When your account runs out of coins, you can participate in these engaging activities to replenish it. These games are also highly entertaining because of the amazing stages. Great animations are also present in the Mini Games. Get started immediately by downloading this fun social casino game from The App Store or The Play Store. 

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