magnetic boxes

Since they are useful, magnetic boxes are a packaging design that has gained popularity over the years. Magnetic boxes may be used for anything, including storing goods that must stay independent, organizing items inside a capacity area, and, unexpectedly, as special products.

As you may be aware, some magnetic boxes are blatantly simple. Others, on the other hand, include features you would expect to see with superior quality, such as pivots, dividers, sections with increased capacity, and so on. What type of magnetic box do you thus require?

This would seem to be an obvious answer right away, but ultimately, it will come down to your intended purpose and what you require in your item.

Although the evidence suggests that the more expensive magnetic boxes look nicer and have more features, it may not always be necessary for you to pay more just because of how it appears or because it has an additional feature, like a divider.

A magnetic box with pivots, for instance, will be easier to open and close. When looking at magnetic boxes with dividers, they may also be a useful feature if you want to keep a variety of items in a single container.

Additionally, look for magnetic storage containers with an extra storage compartment or two, since they could be useful for keeping small objects from vanishing.

Quality Control

We frequently get up in the layout and aesthetic of the box without considering the materials or methods of construction. But we must constantly keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to get a high-quality magnetic box at the best possible price. Generally speaking, one of the most well-known problems with customized magnetic boxes is that they usually aren’t attached properly.

In example, purchasing bespoke magnetic boxes without a watertight seal or without applying paste along all creases can significantly reduce their ability to stand up over time.

While this can seem like a noticeable problem, it can easily resolve if you simply ask your maker how they seal their magnetic boxes before you place an order.

Used Magnet Type

Given that there are numerous types of magnets available, you should inquire about the type of magnet the maker uses if you intend to purchase magnetic gift boxes.

Magnets may find in a wide range of sizes and forms, however circular magnets tend to retain more grounded objects. However, occasionally they can prevent the tops from closed as tightly as feasible. When trying to seal your covers together, rectangular magnets don’t cause as much trouble. They don’t hold regions of strength as well as spherical magnets, though.

Box Content

The kind and nature of the material used is another factor separating one type of custom magnetic gift box from another. You should constantly inquire with your manufacturer about the custom magnetic box’s inner workings and request that they provide you a sample so you can feel it for yourself.

By doing this, you can observe which material seems to be the greatest fit for your product and ultimately decide whether their selection of material is perfect for your custom rigid gift boxes.

Printing vs. etching

The most well-known choice for customizing your little magnetic boxes is whether to have them printed or engraved.

It depends depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your item whether you choose printing or etching, but both are excellent options.

Consider the scenario when your only concern is the atmosphere create by the box. Given everything, printing could be a better option for you. Interestingly, etching could be more beneficial if you make an effort to communicate clearly.

Etching is also frequently superior at ensuring that minute details. In addition, printing on some surfaces might be difficult to notice.

You should consider if you are looking for a metallic or something more toned for the highest point of your little magnetic boxes.

While metal is typically the most popular choice for tops on custom magnetic boxes, there are other finishes available that can significantly impact how your customers feel about your product.

For instance, gold covers typically give off an opulent impression, but silver might be more sleek and modern.

Whether you want specialized magnetic gift boxes or something that can handle long-distance shipping, Packaging can help. Please have a look at us if you require bespoke magnetic boxes since we have many options available!

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