Hemorrhoids are known to be an extremely painful situation, which gets better on its own. Certain lifestyle changes, like including more fiber in the diet, exercise, etc., can help get relief from the symptoms and reduce any further complications. However, if this does not work, then it will be better to look for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso to find a medical professional who can provide you with proper assistance.

Understanding the hemorrhoid treatment

In most cases taking proper measures at home can help reduce the symptoms and ensure hemorrhoids heal on their own. However, there can be a need for surgery or medication if the case is severe.

1. Home treatments

  • The use of over-the-counter creams for treating external hemorrhoids can actually be helpful. It will help reduce discomfort, itching and swelling.
  • Including fiber supplements in the diet can help reduce constipation
  • Applying cold compressors can help relieve pain
  • A sitz bath involves sitting in a shallow tub of warm water. Sitting for a few minutes in the warm water regularly can help reduce hemorrhoid pain
  • There are certain painkillers like Aspirin that can help alleviate pain from hemorrhoids.

2. Medications

When you visit a professional for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso, they will suggest the use of certain medications which can help get relief. This can include.

  • Creams containing zinc oxide can help get help rid of irritation
  • The use of witch hazel can provide temporary relief
  • Steroid creams can work well for treating hemorrhoids. It can help reduce inflammation if used for a long period
  • Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that, when combined with tribenoside, can help reduce the itching and pain.

3. Non-surgical treatment

When the home remedies fail to show any effect, then the person might require treatment. The non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment can include.

  •     Rubber band ligation

The procedure is meant for treating internal hemorrhoids, which involves the placement of an elastic band on the base of the hemorrhoid to block any blood supply. Thus, eliminating hemorrhoids.

  •     Sclerotherapy

During the treatment, the expert will go ahead and inject a liquid directly into the internal hemorrhoid. This can result in a scar that cuts off any blood supply to the hemorrhoid, which makes it shrink. 

  •     Infrared photocoagulation

The use of infrared lights toward internal hemorrhoids can be actually beneficial, which leads to the formation of scar tissue. This blocks the blood supply and eventually reduces the size of hemorrhoids.

  •     Electrocoagulation

During the procedure, the doctor will go ahead to send a low electric current into the hemorrhoid, which will result in scarring. This reduces the blood supply and makes the hemorrhoid shrink.

All the procedure is conducted when the patient is under local anesthesia. Thus, ensuring the patient does not feel any discomfort during the treatment. However, it will be better if you search for a good professional to provide customized hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso. 

4. Surgical options

When none of the treatment options works for the patient, the doctor can advise the use of surgery to remove external hemorrhoids or internal ones. The process used here is known as hemorrhoidectomy.

During the process, the patient will receive general Anesthesia. Most people can go home on the very same day. Once you have started experiencing any discomfort, it will be better to look for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso to find a professional who can provide you with the right assistance. This will avoid any worse situations which can lead to extreme discomfort.

Start with the treatment on time

If you are looking for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso, then you can consider scheduling an appointment with Imaging and Intervention Specialists. They have got the best professionals. They will assure to come up with a customized treatment that will work well for your specific case and guarantee you are able to get relief in a short time. Under professional support, you will have a better chance of recovery. We are here as a trusted clinic to provide you with the best treatment.

By Imaging & Interventional Specialists

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