How to Print T-shirts?

T-shirts represent practicality and comfort, but without giving up style. In an age where people care more than ever about the way they dress and want to express their individuality with the look they choose, differentiating yourself in this market is essential. And for that it is necessary to know some techniques to print t-shirts according to the preferences of each public.

Read the following text and discover the techniques we use for t shirt printing in Dallas.

How does silk screen or serigraphy work in Printing T shirts?

Screen printing, also called silk screen, is a printing method. In it, the ink is leaked — through the pressure of a squeegee or handle, through a screen prepared specifically for this. This screen is made of polyester or nylon and the recording is carried out through the photosensitivity process on a light table. The dark dots correspond to leaked spots on the screen, where the ink passes. Already the light ones are those that are waterproofed, and so there is no passage of light. It can be done manually, with people performing the process, or automatically, where machines perform the steps.

How to print t shirts with Digital Stamping

It is one of the most practical ways of stamping, as there is no need to use dies, cylinders or more laborious materials. In addition, it makes it possible to produce on a large or small scale, as it minimizes waste. The ink and machinery are more expensive, but the little waste plus the high resolution of these printers is far worth the investment. It is possible to print even photos with perfect details! There are several types of printers on the market, each with its particularities and strengths.

How to customize using the Transfer technique

This process is nothing more than the transfer of an image from the paper to the fabric of the shirt. This is done through a heated thermal press or board. The ink contained in the transfer goes to the shirt when pressure is applied at the right temperature for a few seconds. As the transfer is done on a computer, it is possible to have a wide variety of colors, images and possibilities, however, the quality of the result may vary with the type of mesh or fabric used.

Get to know a little about the Embroidery technique

It’s not exactly a print, but it’s a technique for customizing t-shirts that, although old, is in full growth. In addition to being handmade, garments also use industrial embroidery, which increases the quality and speed of production. Modern machines can also apply other materials, such as ribbons and sequins, further customizing the garment.

These are the main ways to customize your t-shirts with prints. They can leave your clothes the way you want, with different possibilities and giving wings to creativity. They are in fashion and will remain for a long time, you bet!

 What does it take to make custom t-shirts?

To produce personalized t-shirts, it is necessary to have some items. Check out what they are:


It is important that the piece is not made entirely of cotton, as it may impair the absorption of ink. The ideal is to work with fabrics that have at least 60% polyester in their composition.


The best way to sublimate is through a specific press. This equipment is responsible for transferring the design to the surface and does so by means of compression at a high temperature.

To use the press, simply insert the part and wait a few seconds. In addition to being used for T-shirts, the sublimation press can be used to make other products.


In order for the print to look sharp and professional, you will have to use sublimation ink. This is the only pigment that allows you to transfer the design to the fabric definitively and with quality.


Just like ink, there is a sublimatic paper for stamping objects. It is ideal, as it has a layer of resin that allows you to transfer all the paint to the substrate.


As the print is made with a specific ink, it is necessary to have a printer that accepts this product. In practice, the equipment that will print the design works in the same way as those used for common printing.

Step by step to produce printed t-shirts

Producing personalized t-shirts can be quite simple if you follow this step by step:

  • choose the image you want to use: prefer those with high resolution, otherwise it could harm the design that will form on the t-shirt;
  • configure the image: you will need to fit the image to the size of your machine;
  • print the design you want to use;
  • protect the base of your press with a parchment paper or teflon sheet;
  • set the press at 205°C for 35 seconds;
  • center the shirt on the press;
  • place the transfer on the fabric and then a butter paper;
  • wait for 35 seconds;
  • remove the parchment paper and the drawing.

In order for the printed t-shirt to be of high quality, it is important that you choose good products to work with, from the paper used for the design to the garment.

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