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As a lifeguard you don’t have it easy these days. Reading a book while sitting on the edge of the bath with your feet in the water is no longer an option. To find lifeguard certification near me, you can search online or check with your local community centers, swimming pools, or universities that offer lifeguard training programs. You can also contact organizations such as the American lifeguard or the United States Lifeguard Association to find certified lifeguard courses and instructors in your area.

Lifeguard Organizations

These courses typically involve both classroom instruction and hands-on training, and upon completion, you will earn a lifeguard certification that is recognized by employers and organizations across the country Your first task is to make sure no one drowns.
That is a mental issue and can be compared to the action preparedness of keeper André Nana.

You have nothing to do the whole match, but you have to be there with that one chance for the opponent. Both the lifeguard and the keeper must then save what can be saved with a dive.

In addition to this life-saving task, as a lifeguard you also have to clean the showers, ensure that guests do not go into the water with fries and a frikandel, that everyone wears decent swimsuits and that they are strict like adult men from the high diving board into the water. defecate. Then you have to send them out.

Lifeguard pool swimming

A relative of mine was also a lifeguard for a while. Swimming pool Electra near Oldehove. In addition to the above tasks, he also had to keep the pH value of the water neutral. He was told this by the chairman of the foundation that had hired him.

“The jerry can with chlorine is next to the lawnmower in the shed,” said the best man as he handed the keys to the pool to the new lifeguard. ‘Please do it a little precisely. The inspectorate is strict on those things.’

After two weeks in the Groningen sun, the new lifeguard thought it was time to test the pH value of the water. However, he had no idea how to do that. Not had on the ALO. The chairman was talking about a jerrycan of chlorine, he remembered.

It was busy that Wednesday afternoon. All the school children of the Hoogeland were in his swimming pool. With the jerry can of chlorine he walked to the diving boards. He blew his whistle. That had been giving him a powerful feeling for two weeks.


Everyone in the bath looked at him. As he twisted the safety cap off the jerry can, he yelled, “People need a little chlorine. Everyone quickly under the diving board. Swim to the shallow end. Please stay behind the cork line.’

And there was the new lifeguard. On the high. He emptied the entire jerry can into the bath. Then, whistling, he walked back to his chair at the edge of the bath. Nice book to read. A minute later everyone was swimming again. That was still possible on the USA back then.

The scene above symbolizes the past sports week. If you defecate in the swimming pool from the high diving board, you will be banned from swimming.

If you go and shit on the roadside for a minute like Tom Dumoulin while Quintana and Nibali get lost. You stay on course and you just win the Giro d’Italia. What a runner.


If, as a lifeguard, you are not alerted by other visitors that there is a toddler lying on the bottom of the paddling pool, there is a good chance that you are too late. If, as Ajax keeper André Onane, you see Jairo Riedewald just throw a throw-in into the feet of a Man United player. Then you are too late for a save on Pogba’s shot.

If you make a banana dive in your bare ass from the classic jumping tower at our . You will be sent out of the bath and village by the lifeguard while Olympic swimming champion Inge de Bruijn paraded in her trained nude across a tropical island last Thursday to get out two naked men choosing her new love. That confuses me. Should the swimsuit be on or off?

(It is special television. Adam Zkt. Eva VIPS. Beautiful format, by the way. Also something for RTVNoord. Abel Zkt. Eefke. On . Suggestions for first Groningen Ekes: Mica Marina, Marianne Timmer.)

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All in all, the life of a lifeguard is not a bed of roses. But what about the role of assistant lifeguard? That’s just a dog job. I had to think about that this week when Donor became champion and assistant coach Anjou Mikel wrote in the DVHN that he and head coach Brail are not really friends.

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