The iPhone has evolved. There are now better features and changes brought in the models to provide the users with the latest technology they want for better performance. Be it the aesthetic, performance or the speed Apple has seen is a significant change. In fact, the display has evolved. The iPhone display size is larger than the earlier models. From narrow-sized screens to plus size display the iPhone has offered customers all of the options.

Apple introduced the iPhone XR with the new liquid retina display. The iPhone X models have an OLED display. With all the technological advancements and changes iPhone surely has put attention to the screen size and other features to offer the customers the best in every possible manner. No doubt the price of the models might not be the same but the comfort and other benefits one will get with the same is absolutely worth considering to make the purchase. The guide will clarify the difference and how you will be able to get the benefits.

No doubt both the display models are different in their own ways. But many have no idea about the same. Here is the difference between both display models. It will provide you with clear insight into how they differ and which one is better.

Super Retina Display- What is it?

The term super retina was introduced by apple in the year 2017 with the iPhone X models. It is an old glass design that comes with a great display. For the first time, iPhone was launched with a 5.8-inch screen. It was a model with OLED multi-touch screen technology. Since then, Apple has come up with a screen size is that getter better and more advanced. No doubt the super retina HD display stop is top-notch. But liquid retina display surely has overpowered it. The super retina makes use of the OLED technology which emits light through the pixels for delivering the best contrast ratio and resolution.

Liquid Retina Display-What is it?

When talking about liquid retina display it first came into the market in 2018 with the iPhone XR models. It is the LCD display of the industry. The display features an LCD screen over LED which no doubt is good but is of smaller size. It has millions of pixels so tightly packed that you won’t be able to see individual pixels with the naked eye. It is a super hide resolution display which allows the person to stretch the display into the corners and enjoy a great viewing experience. No doubt liquid retina display is far better than the other options.

Understanding the Difference

  •     Display technology

The retina display is undoubtedly the most advanced LCD technology you will find in the high-end models ever. It is the Apple design liquid crystal display that has surely exceeded all the expectations of the users. It is now even found on every iPhone model for better colour accuracy and viewing experience. While the super retina is of the high-density display. It makes use of the OLED technology that delivers an exceptionally higher contrast ratio and a better resolution. But still, here the liquid retina display is overpowering after all it provides better resolution and screen size.

  •     Pixel density

The retina display when described in simple terms is the LCD display on the iPhone XR models and even the iPad Pro. It is basically the same LCD screen which can be found on any other iPhone except iPhone X models. The pixel density here is 326ppi for the iPhone. While on the iPad it is 264 PPI. On the other side, the super retina has got highest density display which can be found on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XS models with 458 PPI which guarantees more accurate and sharper image quality.

  •     Contrast ratio

When talking about the super retina display available in the iPhone X models there has been a new improvement in terms of the liquid retina display. After all, it comes with a higher resolution at 2436-by-1125 pixels. This would assure higher pixels spread across the screen. Thus this would assure a higher contrast ratio which can be about a mere 1400:1 to a high level of 1,000,000:1. On the other side, the super retina XDR has a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The difference is quite clear. But it is the quality and the screen size of the liquid retina display which has made it the top choice.

Apple with every new launch is making changes in the liquid retina display which is providing great convenience to the customers and offering them the comfort they need. With better screen size display and contrast, they are aiming to provide the customers with something that will be worth paying for. Even if you are unsure as to what will work well for your budget, opting for the liquid retina display will be the best. The display has been known to offer a better screen view and colours which might not be available in the previous models. Besides the screen, the latest iPhone models also have got better performance and speed which makes it absolutely worth making the investment in the new models.


The Apple models surely have upgraded greatly but when talking about the liquid retina display it is far better than the OLED screen. After all, it provides better, clear and crisp pictures through high image resolution and other benefits. So if you’re planning to make a purchase of an iPhone device make sure that you are aware of the difference between the two so that you make the right decision for the purchase. This will ease the experience. Also do not hesitate to find a platform for placing the offer. After all, some websites aim to scam people. Online research here will be helpful for you to place the right order.

By Sam Tech

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