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Did you know that a bath in an electric shower for 15 minutes? It can consume an average of 144 liters of water? And that a tap with dripping water can waste more than 20 liters a day? And that a flush valve activated for just 5 seconds can take away more than 10 liters of water? Save water in Lubbock Tx

Well, in our day-to-day life, we ​​don’t realize how much we spend on water until we come across these real and clear numbers of waste, and worse that they happen inside our homes when we often complain to the public authorities that water is wasted in other places.

Although governments and society must also take care of water. We can do our part and in this article. We will give 9 tips on conscious habits for saving water. This being so simple and easy to follow. It can change the world. Click here for water leak detection in Lubbock Tx

Carry your own water bottle & save water in Lubbock Tx:

A smart way to save water is to carry your own bottle. The measure avoids the purchase of mineral water, which consequently contributes to water savings. The reduction also helps to reduce the use of plastic. whether in cups or bottles and encourages the installation of public drinking fountains.

Take Care of your pool & save water in Lubbock Tx:

A pool in a hot summer month with low humidity can evaporate more than 4,000 liters of water. To prevent this from happening. This is putting an end to family fun and increasing water consumption. The placement of a special canvas for swimming pools. It can reduce evaporation by 90%.

Another common pool problem is leaks. Be it a pipe or even the structure (mainly in masonry pools). The pools need constant maintenance. The observation of small cracks to avoid problems with infiltrations.

The Leak Hunter professional has knowledge and devices. It detect water leaks anywhere in the pool quickly. It repairs without having to empty. Offering more savings and contributing to conscious water care practices.

Reuse washing machine water in Lubbock Texas:

The washing machine is equipment that helps a lot in domestic life, but it consumes a lot of water.

To ensure that water use is minimal without compromising the quality and cleanliness of the clothes. Opt for more modern machines with the option of reusing water. In the case of older ones, store all water that would otherwise be discarded in buckets. It is using it to wash clothes. Backyard, bathrooms, and kitchen or for flushing in the toilet.

Use dry ice wisely:

Dry ice is a type of ice with special freezing that keeps solidifying longer. Widely used at events such as parties, for example, it is ideal for preserving drinks and cold foods.

But to consciously use water, always place dry ice in buckets and let it melt naturally. Once melted, you can use it for cleaning, as its consumption is not recommended. Tips to see water leak detection

Shorten the Baths in Lubbock Tx:

Bath time can be pleasurable and at the same time economical. Just be careful to follow some rules that will become good habits over time. According to experts, a shower with good water and energy savings. In addition to promoting complete cleaning, lasts an average of 8 minutes.

Therefore, it is possible to take a good shower in less than 10 minutes. It is still save time for other activities. Another important tip is that when soaping, leave the shower valve closed and only open it to rinse.

Savings on Washing Dishes:

Washing dishes is another household activity that is not always interesting, but daily necessary. Dishwashing can cost many liters of water if you don’t control and care for water in the right way.

For example, instead of washing each plate, cutlery or glass with the faucet open. Keep it closed and soap all the items. In order to remove the thickest dirt and then wash item by item, place it in a colander.

Another tip is to use a drain with a closing device. This keeps the water inside the sink instead of draining it. This water can be used later to wash other dirtier items like pans. If you prefer, use a basin to store this water and use it to wash the sink and tub.

Food cooking water & save water in Lubbock Tx:

The water used for boiling potatoes. It can be used later to water the garden with an extra dose of health for the plants. This is just waiting for it to cool down. Pasta water can also be used for this, rather than simply discarding it down the sink. It will help you to save water in Lubbock Tx.

Sanitary discharge & save water in Lubbock Tx:

Toilet flushing can consume more than 10 liters of water each time. It is used, which is why it is so important to use it conscientiously. Any reusable water can be flushed instead of flushing. Another tip is to change the conventional valve for an attached box, which consumes less water with each flush.

Fix water leaks:

Finally, one of the biggest causes of water waste is leaks in Lubbock Tx. A 2-millimeter hole in plumbing can waste 96,000 liters of water per month. In addition to leaking, cause infiltration, excessive humidity, mold, and even favor respiratory diseases.

Fixing water leaks is fundamental, especially the hidden ones. It takes time to show signs in Lubbock Tx. As in the case of swimming pools. The professional in Lubbock Tx indicated for detecting and locating leaks. In the identification of water leaks.

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