MBBS in China

The Hebei University of Science and Technology, also known as HEBUST, can be found in Shijiazhuang, which is located in the province of Hebei. The university spans an area of 2,760 acres. In 1956, it was officially designated as an institution of higher education. In addition to adhering to the school motto of “prosperity, conscientiousness” and the “enterprising, Collaboration, dedication” school spirit, HEBUST has always adhered to the mission of “committing to the all-round development of people, serving the regional economic construction and social progress” since the day it was founded. This mission states that HEBUST is “committed to the all-round development of people, serving the regional economic construction and social progress.”

Campus of Study MBBS in China

There are a total of four campuses that make up the university: the Central Campus, the West Campus, the East Campus, and the Gaoxin Campus. The total land area occupied by the university is 2,312,000 square metres. The Central Campus, which is also known as the main campus, can be found in the heart of Shijiazhuang City, which serves as the provincial capital of Hebei province. This campus is characterized by its lovely surroundings and convenient transport services (280 km from Beijing and Tianjin). The total building space at the university is equal to 470 000 square meters. The entire value of the fixed assets comes to 380 million Chinese yuan. 

The library has a collection of close to 1,300,000 books and 2,000 different types of scientific publications, both in Chinese and in languages other than Mandarin.  It includes a wide variety of databases, some of which are Academic Journals of China, Scientific Journals written in languages other than English, Accomplishments in Science and Technology, Enterprise Products, Digital Books, Proceedings, and Periodicals, etc. The campus network, which went live in 1997, now has a width of 100M at each of its departure points.

MBBS in China for Students and Faculty:

There are currently around 2,600 members of the university’s faculty, of which there are more than 1,150 professional teachers and a combined total of 550 professors and associate professors. There are currently more than 19,440 full-time undergraduates, graduates, and international students, in addition to 12,100 adult students, attending the university. Since the university first opened its doors, more than 40,000 students have graduated from the institution.

Bachelor’s Program for International Students

  • Engineering in the Field of Computer Science
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering & Construction
  • The Economy of the World and International Commerce
  • The Electrical Engineering Profession

Structure of fees:

The annual costs of tuition and housing are as follows: 14,000 RMB; 4,800 RMB; and 800 RMB for each year of visa extension.

Insurance for Medical Treatment Costs: 800 RMB Each Year

Required Document:

  • Photograph \sPassport
  • Certificate of High School Completion and/or transcript
  • Certificate or transcript of Secondary School Study
  • In the event of transcripts, students who are still working toward their degrees are required to present a hope certificate from their college.
  • Bank Statement
  • Certificate of Good Conduct from the Police Medical Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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