windows unable to complete formatwindows unable to complete format

If you keep on getting error of windows was unable to complete the format you do not need to get panicked as you are not the only one who gets this error, there are many other users like you who are encountering this message. 

This blog has been prepared to help you after a proper research where we will be guiding you through this error and will help you in fixing it as well, so without spending anytime in all this, let us begin to find the ways to use to fix the error. 

About Windows was Unable to Finish the Format Error –

Sometimes when we are formatting a removable disk like a USB flash drive or a SD card you might get this error, where the windows will inform you that the device you want to format is not able to do so. 

There could be various reasons because of which you have to deal with this error such as because the drive is write protected, the drive you are using has some bad sectors, the drive you are using is physically damaged, your drive is empty, or your drive is suffering from some virus infection. 

You should remember that before trying any way to fix this problem you must first recover the data from the inaccessible disks on your device so that you do not lose the data which is important to you. 

Solutions for you to fix the problem of Windows unable to finish the format error you are dealing with – 

Here are some of the situations and also the steps which you can execute to fix those situations for you. 

When your drive has no partition – 

You can use a mini tool partition wizard to create it by going to interface and then following out the steps provide on the screen. 

You can also make use of the disk management to create and fix the error of windows unable to complete format by going to my computer. 

Another way which you can try to create the partition is by using command line to do it for which you have to start diskpart further following out the instructions from screen. 

When your drive ahs a RAW file system 

You can again use partition wizard tool in this situation also to do the format by launching the mini tool on your device. 

You can also go to disk management where you will see the USB drive and right click on it, to opt for format option and then perform quick format for the same. 

Make use of the command line to finish the format which you can do by running the command cmd from the windows start menu after which you should type format N:/fs:FAT32, you should be patient as this process may take long. We believe that through the ways and solutions which we have provided for you in this blog to resolve windows cannot complete the format has been quite beneficial for you in getting rid of the error message.

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