The vaping market is constantly evolving; a wide variety of vape devices are now available. From beginner-friendly e-cigarettes to advanced mod systems, there is a vape for every type of user. Understanding the different types of vapes available and their benefits is essential before purchasing. 

Some vapes are designed for simplicity and ease of use, such as the 4000 puffs disposable kits, while others offer more advanced features and customisation options. This article will explore the different types of vapes and their benefits, so you can make an informed decision and find the suitable vape device for your needs.

5 Types Of Vape Devices:

Lets’s explore the five types of vape devices: Disposable Vapes, Cigalikes, Pod System, Mod System, and Vape Pens. We’ll also discuss the benefits of each device to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Disposable Vapes:

Disposable vapes are the easiest to use as they come pre-filled with e-liquid and are disposed of when finished. They are usually small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. They are an excellent option for people trying vaping for the first time or those who want a device for convenience. 

The Aroma King Disposable 7000, Puff Bar Plus, and 4000 puffs disposable vapes are some of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. There are hundreds of others available. Explore the 88 vape online vape store and find your favourite one!

  1. Cigalikes:

Cigalikes are a type of vape device that closely resembles traditional cigarettes in both appearance and size. They are usually small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. They are generally the smallest and most basic type of e-cigarette and are often chosen by beginners or those looking to switch from smoking to vaping. 

They typically come in a two-piece design with a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartridge or cartomiser filled with e-liquid. The cartridge contains a heating coil that vaporises the e-liquid when the user inhales. Cigalikes are also the most accessible type of vape device to use; they may seem quite similar to the 4000 puffs disposable. Blu Cigs and V2 Cigs are some of the most popular brands that produce cigalikes.

  1. Pod System:

Pod systems are vape devices that use pods to hold the e-liquid. The pods are usually pre-filled with e-liquid, making them easy to replace. Pod systems are a perfect option for people who want a device that is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It’s designed for pro vapers to enjoy and level up their vaping experience.

They are also great for people who want a variety of flavours, as they can change the e-liquid whenever they want. The Vaporesso Xros and Smok Novo are some of the most popular pod systems on the market. You can add your favourite 88 Vape e-juice to your open-pod kit.

  1. Mod System:

Mod systems are vape devices that allow you to customise your vaping experience. They have replaceable batteries, and you can adjust the wattage and temperature settings to get the desired amount of vapour and flavour. These are designed for pro vapers. These devices contain the highest innovations and technologies that let you customise your vape device according to your style.

Mod systems are an excellent option for experienced vapers who want to take their vaping experience to the next level. The Vaporesso Gen S and Geekvape Aegis Legend are some of the most popular mod systems on the market. Add your favourite 88 Vape e-liquid to your vape mod and enjoy vaping!

  1. Vape Pens:

Vape pens are the most common type of vape device, popular among new and experienced vapers. Vape pens are vape devices that are cylindrical and come in different sizes. They have a battery, a tank, and a coil. 

These devices are usually small, slim, and cylindrical, making them easy to carry around and use discreetly. They come in various styles and colours, allowing vapers to choose one that suits their personality and style.

Vape pens are best for people who want a device that is easy to use and has a longer battery life. Most vape pens have adjustable airflow and temperature control settings, allowing vapers to customise their experience. 

They also produce a satisfying amount of vapours and are ideal for those who enjoy a smooth throat hit; you can use 88 vape liquids with them. The Freemax Twister and Vaporesso Sky Solo are some of the most popular vape pens on the market. 


Whether you’re new to vaping or just thinking of levelling up your vape game, choosing the right device can be overwhelming, but with the proper knowledge, you can make the right decision. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, there is a device out there that will suit your needs. 

The flerbar baymax disposable vapes, cigalikes, pod systems, mod systems, and vape pens are the five types of vape devices that are popular in the market. Each type has its benefits, and choosing the one that suits your needs is up to you. Read the article above and find the best vape for you now!

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