Most of the businesses these days prefer to get their trademark registered. But some companies still do not get their trademark registered due to technical reasons, lack of awareness, or other reasons. Although trademark registration is not mandatory, you can sell your products without a registered trademark. Still, it can be risky and affect the reputation of your business if any other person misuses your products. If you do not register your trademark, your legal rights over your product will be limited to a geographical location only and not worldwide.

Risks of using an unregistered trademark

Are you using an unregistered trademark for your business? Here are certain risks of it you need to know:

Risk of losing your brand

If you are using an unregistered brand and some other businesses choose the same brand name. And if they get the trademark registered before you, you will have to change your brand name. This can affect your business brand value a lot.

Tend to lose your market share.

A brand is not just a word or a symbol, and it is an emotion for the customers with which they remember your business. When you have to change your brand name due to technical issues, your business market share gets reduced.

Risk of misuse of your products

With an unregistered trademark, you get the legal rights to your products in a particular geographical boundary. Your products can be misused when you sell your product internationally, which can significantly affect your brand value and degrade your business in the eyes of consumers.

Summing Up

In order to save yourself from the risks mentioned above, it is better to get your trademark registered on time. You may choose an experienced trademark attorney for helping you with this task. We are a leading company having experienced trademark attorneys, patent attorneys, and other attorneys for helping you with your trademark and patent registration.

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