For elevator companies, there are a lot of ups and downs to carrying out the business successfully. You have to manage a hundred different things at the same time. On one hand, you have got to manage your teams of field technicians–assign, schedule and dispatch them, monitor their location, keep tabs on the work progress, and make sure they reach the job site on time. On the other hand, you have got to take care of your accounts, bookkeeping, work orders, repeat customers, and keep bringing in new clients. Then there is the task of managing ongoing projects, planned preventive maintenance, emergency service requests, and whatnot. That’s right. These are just some of the things you must take care of, apart from the actual job at hand.

Sounds exhausting? Don’t worry. There is an easier alternative to handling all this stuff. Just switch to elevator management software. This incredible digital tool will take care of all the administrative and backend jobs for you so that you can focus solely on what’s important– delivering quality service and keeping the cash flow running.

Nowadays, Elevator Service Management Software is used by many servicing businesses like elevator companies to provide a platform to book new jobs, raise quotes and invoices and give a more structured and organized view of their operation. Now, before you start looking for a software solution for your business, let’s have a deeper look at this technological wonder and learn how this can help your business.

1. What is Elevator Management Software?

Elevator maintenance

Lift and Elevator companies servicing businesses need a way to efficiently schedule routine maintenance and call outs for repairs of their customers equipment. Managing a team of field technicians as well as the admins for servicing jobs can be very time consuming as well as overwhelming. That’s why software for elevator company is rapidly gaining popularity all around the world, for it efficiently takes the burden off your shoulders.

Essentially, elevator management software solutions offer both web and mobile app based platform, which allows your team to access details of customer records, job scheduling, quoting, invoicinginventory, job routing, time tracking and more. Intuitive Dashboards help to display the information in a way that makes it easy to gain insights into your business and automated SMS and Email customer communications ensure your customer is informed of every booking and upcoming job

2. How the Biggest Issues of Elevator Service Business Are Met by Elevator Management Software?


Quick Response

Lifts and Elevators are in frequent use. However, from time to time they will fail. When that happens customers expect fast response times from their lift servicing partner. Elevator Servicing Software allows you to quickly identify the right person to assign to the job and effortlessly get the details over to that engineer. Job scheduling & dispatch software gives you a complete view of your team’s schedule, so you can see who’s currently on a job and where space can be made in the schedule to respond to a call out. Any changes you make to the schedule are updated in real time and synced with the team. No more schedule confusion, double booking or mistakes that can cause further disruption.

No Paperwork

When done manually, field service management software requires a lot of paperwork. A large chunk of working hours are being wasted on writing up reports, duplicating data entry, and so on. But if you can cut down on the admin jobs, the time saved can be spent more efficiently for getting to a job, completing more repairs, or giving more attention to your customers. Not to mention, manual methods has the potential of making errors and thus, leading to revenue leakage. And that’s why profitable elevator companies turn to elevator service software to reduce unnecessary paperwork and streamline processes.

Speed Up Cash Flow

One of the key reasons Elevator Companies struggle with cash flow is due to ineffective quoting and invoice management. There’s often long delays in getting invoices sent to customers because of the backlog of admin it takes to create the details needed in the invoice. There’s an initial delay in writing up the report because of the number of checks the technician needs to make on each inspection and once the report is complete they need to email it to the back office support team who then write that up into invoice notes. However, every extra day it takes to complete the admin is another day away from being paid for the work

If you use elevator company service software instead, it automates the billing and invoicing process and speed up the cycle. It helps you streamline the way you go from a quote, to a job and a paid invoice, greatly improving cash flow.

Improving Communication

By making important information easily accessible to all parties involved, the management team no longer has to worry about miscommunication and information gaps. Client communication also improves with the help of CRMs, which allow businesses to quickly review the client’s history, project status, and other relevant information.

Meeting Compliance and Industry Guidelines

It’s a legal requirement in most countries for Lifting Equipment, Escalators and Elevators to be serviced and inspected regularly. The time varies from state to state, in most cases stipulating an inspection every 6  or 12 months.

Elevator Servicing businesses have to make sure their customers’ lift and elevator company equipment meets compliance standards by ensuring the correct inspections are regularly carried out.

Elevator Servicing Software helps to achieve this by assisting servicing businesses with reminders of servicing schedules and standardizing data collected from the field technicians.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s look at the best options that gives all these benefits in the best way possible.

3. What is the Best Elevator Management Software?

If you look around in the marketplace, you will find several software solution for elevator servicing business. But, can you trust them all? Of course not. So, which software solution should you choose for your business? Here is a list of the top picks of 2022.

Flagger Certification from Field Promax

Field Promax

Field Promax is a smart, cloud-based elevator management software ideal for businesses of any size. It is full of invaluable features and functionalities.

The advanced digital tool comes with a comprehensive work order management suite, efficient scheduling and dispatching software system, and seamless functionalities to create and share estimates.

The highlight, however, is that the software arguably has one of the easiest interfaces to operate. This requires no additional downloads or technical support. You can access the platform via any device and use it across various systems. It offers an integrated, GPS-powered mobile app for field service technicians available on both Android and iOS.

Field Promax also offers surprisingly pocket-friendly rates along with a free 30-day trial.


Lift Keeper

Lift Keeper is a service management software that was designed specifically for businesses in the elevator service industry. This program requires no installations and is compatible with most web browsers. The company also has a helpful and responsive support team to answer any queries.

With this elevator software service provider, you can record and store all your important data into a centralized platform, schedule technicians, provide your clients with a custom-branded customer portal where they can view everything from maintenance reports to trouble call history, and do much more.



Elevator App is an elevator monitoring software that was created by a company called The Elevator Consultants.

Its goal in creating the program was to empower building owners and property managers with data about their equipment and allow them to protect their assets and their tenants. Elevator App does this by automating the monitoring and tracking of elevator maintenance service contracts, changes, and charges made, among other things.



Perfect for elevator companies and maintenance businesses, Call2Field offers a powerful suite of functions designed to help you run your business with maximum efficiency and offer the best possible service to your customers. From prioritising and assigning incoming calls to keeping track of stock, Call2Field is the field service software every busy lift maintenance business needs to deliver a high-end service. It keeps  a secure database of all your customer details in the customer management module, including service level agreements, contracts and lift maintenance schedules. This also has an efficient suite to manage stock levels within your elevator field service software so that you never run out of spare parts using the Stock module, which keeps track of your assets and inventory. Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive billing and invoicing feature.

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Another efficient elevator service software is FieldEdge. It is a gold-certified field service management tool that focuses on scheduling, customer account management, dispatch, and managing service agreements.

Final Words

Every business is different and therefore, has different technological needs. What may work winders for others might not be a good fit for your company. So, before you invest your hard-earned money in any digital tool, make sure it meets your specific needs. The best way to achieve this is to conduct thorough research before you make your choice.

The software mentioned in this list are all perfect choices for any elevator companies. However, they differ in their features and functionalities. So, before you pick any of them, ensure that it covers your requirements.

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